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Your family ties, relationships, financial status, and future goals are all unique to you and you alone. Why should your estate plan be any different? A careful, customized approach to estate planning means you can save more money, take better care of your loved ones, and protect your legacy in a way that only you can achieve.

With over 25 years of experience in estate planning law, our attorneys are uniquely equipped to help you safeguard your finances, your family, and your future. We can recommend the best legal strategies to meet your specific objectives.

Whether you need help avoiding probate, minimizing taxes, or generally planning for the future, we can help you explore all the available options. Call Thomas-Walters Estate Planning in Fort Worth, Texas, to schedule a free initial consultation and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Estate Planning

Without the right estate plan in place, your family may face a long and expensive court process as well as possible tax consequences. The attorneys at Thomas-Walters Estate Planning focus on just one thing: estate planning.


Trusts can be a valuable estate planning tool with many benefits. There are many steps that must be followed to ensure proper administration of the trust and to protect the successor trustee, when one or both settlors die.


A Last Will and Testament is one of the simplest documents in your estate plan. It is also arguably the most important. Everyone should have a Will. Let Thomas-Walters Estate Planning help.

Lifetime Lawyer Program

When you become a client of our firm and implement a trust plan for your family, you will receive complimentary lifetime estate planning legal service to ensure your original estate planning documents remain current through all of life’s changes and legal revisions.

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All our questions were answered and my daughter and I appreciated it very much.
Judy E.
We are pleased and satisfied with the services provided by Leslie Thomas. She and her staff took car…
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Slaughter
We delayed having a will or estate planning done for years. Last month we received the Estate Planni…
Norman and Bettye Pomykal
Mrs. Thomas and the staff were very friendly and professional. Their expertise in estate planning se…
Marlise C.
I was in hospital at time of appt. Mrs. Thomas was very understanding and willing to change appt eve…
I would just like to take the time to let you know of my experience with Leslie Thomas, with Thomas …
Robin Baker
Professional. Thorough. Efficient and timely process. Conveniently located.
Robert & Lee Ann H.
We were extremely satisfied with Leslie’s service to us. We attended the seminar one evening and i…
Peggy Ferrell
We were very pleased with our estate planning experience with Leslie Thomas. The complete package of…
Dave and Charlotte Sundstrom
Very personable, experienced and knowledgeable. Feel confident our needs were met.
James & Donna K.
Thomas Walters as truly been a blessing to our family in preparing, planning, and maintaining or est…
Patsy and Donald Moore
Leslie Thomas is very knowledgeable and professional. She is well organized and efficient. Leslie pr…
Mr. and Mrs. S.
Leslie’s presentation at the dinner was excellent. The stories presented were so easy to understan…
Caren Cawthon
The presentation by Leslie was exceptional and we grabbed the opportunity to take care of an issue w…
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D.
We are well pleased with the estate planning Leslie Thomas arranged for us and feel comfortable know…
Jerry & Linda G.
We were extremely satisfied with Leslie’s service to us. We attended the seminar and immediately fel…
Peggy J. F.
Quick service and we felt like we were listened to and cared about.
Larry C.
The information shared at the seminar was very helpful. Everyone needs to.plan for the future and pr…
Gail Harting
When we attended the seminar given by Leslie we were very impressed with her presentation in languag…
Andy and Sharon Mutzig
Thank you so very much for all of your help! The cost of this service was involved! It’s a “one …
Eileen Montgomery
We attended Leslie’s presentation for estate planning. She explained the process and gave us an esta…
Norman and Bettye P.
Professional and relaxed! Everyone was helpful and made a few last minute changes in a proficient ma…
David Larson, S.
Prompt, organized & efficient! Provided information in “layman’s” terms. They really do CALL YOU BAC…
Renee L.
Great, compassionate, caring, honest, knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate counselor. I am so grate…
Doug R.
I would just like to take the time to let you know of my experience with Leslie Thomas of Thomas Wal…
Robin B.
Leslie Thomas is someone you would definitely want in your corner. She is personable, dependable, kn…
Gary and Margaret Holcomb
We received an invitation in the mail to attend one of Thomas Walters’ lunch seminars. My wife and I…
Dan & Rebecca J.
We thought setting up an estate plan would be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. We were wro…
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L.
It was simple and easy.
Barbara B.
We really enjoyed your presentation. The stories and examples that you gave really helped us to unde…
Mr. and Mrs. James M.
Very quick and easy.
Ted C.
Leslie, we appreciate the way you handled our estate planning. You were very friendly and courteous …
Margaret and Jerry Hutson
We appreciate Leslie’s expertise in relating our estate planning needs in layman’s terms. Her im…
Bill and Carole Brimer
The entire process was very reassuring. Glad I got this done.
Val B.
Leslie listened to what we wanted and was able to answer all of our questions. She was able to assis…
Mr. and Mrs. B.
Professional people made the process move smoothly.
Bill & Melissa A.
The knowledge that our kids won’t have to settle our estate when we pass away gives us a peace of …
Bryan and Lisa Brown
Ms. Thomas was very professional, through and was able to handle the establishment of our trust plan…
Suhail Sharif, MD
The handling of our estate planning was very professional with a personal touch. We feel very comfor…
I would like to thank you for your wonderful work on my Trust. We know you are a fantastic attorney …
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"Meet With Me"
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Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Estate Planning consultation with a Thomas-Walters Estate Planning attorney near you. At no cost to you, an attorney will educate you about specific solutions and strategies that can ensure that your wishes are met and your estate is protected. If you feel our firm or legal strategies are not right for you, simply walk away.

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