Making Sure Your Final Wishes Are Realized

A Last Will and Testament is one of the simplest documents in your estate plan. It is also arguably the most important. Everyone should have a Will. At Thomas-Walters Estate Planning, we will work with you to create a will that will not only provide for your loved ones for when you pass away, but we will make sure it includes everything you need to make your final wishes known.

What a Will Can Do for You:

  • Designates a personal representative or Executor to carry out your final wishes
  • Names a guardian for your children
  • Names a conservator for any finances you wish to pass down to your children
  • Lays out the terms of any trusts you wish to create
  • And much more!

Possibly the biggest benefit a Will can provide is alleviating some of the stress on your loved ones after you pass away. If you would like to discuss creating a will, reviewing an existing one, or updating your current plan, please contact us for a free consultation.