Hey there, I’m Leslie Thomas with Thomas Walters.  I’m an estate planning attorney here in Fort Worth and have practiced here in Fort Worth since 1993 and I am the author of an article on Estate Planning in Texas.  I would like to invite you to a free special presentation that our law firm is hosting where we are going to share all of the latest and greatest legal strategies really in layman’s terms.  How to do things like avoid taxes when you pass away, how to keep the government out of the settlement of your estate, how to make sure you don’t lose everything to an unexpected nursing home stay.  So there are many legal strategies that we are going to share with you and it is real important that you attend, because you can’t really take action on these strategies until you first educate yourself about what they are.  So that’s what it is designed to do.  We are going to share a few stories about people and families who planned ahead and really kept things in the family, really kept those family relationships strong.  We are also going to share some stories about families we have had to work with who didn’t plan ahead and things didn’t really work out so well for those families.

It’s a fun, entertaining educational planning event.  It lasts about an hour. All you need to do to register is, on the left there is all the registration information for our upcoming events.  You can register either by telephone or online. And for those of you who do register in advance and attend you are going to receive a free copy of my article about estate planning in Texas.  Which again describes some of these strategies that we are going to be talking about in layman’s terms.  We look forward to seeing you there and have a great day.

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